The No Go List: 18 Destinations to Avoid This Year

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Hill Tribes near Chiang Mai, Thailand
Left - Alison Wright - John Quintero / Getty Images15/18

Hill Tribes near Chiang Mai, Thailand

Why it's controversial: Step inside any travel outfit in Chiang Mai, and you'll see pictures of the "long neck" tribal women who live in the hills above this city in northern Thailand. Tours to visit these women, who wear brass rings around their elongated necks, are among the most popular in the area, but global rights groups warn that these hill tribe communities are nothing more than fabricated villages where stateless women and children (mostly from Burma) are exploited in exchange for a miniscule fraction of the money spent on your tour.

Instead go to: Luang Prabang, Laos, where indigenous people from the nearby hill tribes are active participants in the tourism trade and run a variety of cultural programs such as folk music concerts and ethnic fashions shows.

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