Where to drive
Credit: Patrick Horton / Getty Images

"Any of the A and B roads – what they call the A and B roads – over there are fantastic," says Franchitti. "Really, any of the western coast, from Loch Lomond up to Argyll up through Oakland, and then even further north, where you can start, then across the east coast, in the middle of the Highlands . . . There are just great roads. You can get lost up there for days, or I can, anyway. You just get in the car and go."

Each road in the Scottish countryside has its own particular challenges. "A lot of undulation, different types of corners," he says. "Sometimes you have to look more at the road than the scenery." If he's on a day trip, he'll typically take his Ferrari F40: "I don't like taking it overnight, in case it rains – it's never been in the rain."