13 Accounts to Follow on Twitter During Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl 50 will be that much more fun to watch if you're also following these Twitter accounts.
Super Bowl 50 will be that much more fun to watch if you're also following these Twitter accounts.Twitter

These days no television event is fully experienced unless it is with phone in hand, monitoring Twitter for the latest related analysis and, yes, snark. That goes doubly for the Super Bowl, which has, since its inception, been at least as much about media and pop culture as it has been about an actual football game. The best handles to follow for the big game are a mix of clever advertisers, spot-on analysis, satire, and cultural criticism. These sources will keep you clued in.

Rotoworld (@Rotoworld_FB): Come here if you're trying to play daily fantasy before it gets banned, or if you just want a final taste of up-to-the-minute fantasy news until next fall. 

RJ Bell (@RJinVegas): For the real gamblers out there, Bell will keep you abreast of the latest Vegas lines, from the standard to the bizarre.

Joe Person (@josephperson): The Panthers beat reporter for the Charlotte Observer is well-sourced and a prolific tweeter.

Mike Klis (@MikeKlis): The Broncos beat reporter for 9 News in Denver is one of the most plugged-in journalists in the game.

Arian Foster (@ArianFoster): Perhaps the most thoughtful player in the game, Foster will no doubt be tweeting during the game, and is just as likely to be discussing politics or philosophy as he is the on-field wizardry of Cam Newton.

Oreo Cookie (@Oreo): The standard TV advertisers are not always the best social media brands. Oreo crushed the Super Bowl XLVII blackout and excels at being timely and witty. 

KitKat (@KITKAT): Maybe it runs in the corporate sweet tooth circle, but KitKat also excels at hilariously capitalizing on pop culture phenomena to rack up the earned media points.

Nate Silver (@NateSilver538): The undisputed king of statistical analysis is a must-read during the Super Bowl.

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Pro Football Reference (@pfref): But not even Nate Silver can compete with the in-game geekery that Pro Football Reference can offer. The unseen engine behind much of the analysis you build your fantasy teams on, PFR is a godsend to football nerds everywhere.

EA Sports Madden NFL (@eamaddennfl): The only thing more fun than the game itself is the game as interpreted by video game. Come for the simulations of the real game, then get ready to migrate to some absurdity…

Jon Bois (@jon_bois): The SB Nation writer and creator of the Breaking Madden, a bizarrely genius blend of game hacking and fan fiction, is a must for insight that rides an uncommon plane between the insightful, hilarious, and meditative. And with any luck, Breaking Madden will be in full effect.

netw3rk (@netw3rk): A must for relentless skewering of the NFL's shameless corporate shilling, and especially if you like timely, perfect pop culture GIFs that sum up the latest drama of the game itself.

NickG (@sub150run): Simply said, he's current, smart, and funny. If you like sports and you've never heard of him, time to change that.

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