13 things you didn’t know about BMX legend Jamie Bestwick

Jamie Bestwick engaged in a seat grab at X Games 2015. Photo:
Jamie Bestwick engaged in a seat grab at X Games Austin 2015.

Athlete Jamie Bestwick, 43, has been honing his incomparable BMX skills for a long time. Among his many accomplishments, he’s earned 15 X Games medals. Of those medals 13 are gold (12 from Vert) — nine of which were won consecutively, which places Bestwick in X Games history for the longest streak held. Additionally, this BMX paragon has also won every overall Vert title in Dew Tour history.

But did you know that Bestwick is a huge coffee fan and that he started his own coffee company in 2014?

Here are 13 things we bet you didn’t know about Team Toyota athlete Jamie Bestwick, in his own words:

Jamie Bestwick at X Games 2015. Photo:
Jamie Bestwick at X Games Austin 2015.
  • In my spare time I roast coffee.
  • I have an extensive Star Wars collection.
  • I own more bikes than my local bike stores.
  • I love building Lego.
  • I am currently the record holder for mowing my lawn.
  • The moment when Flash Gordon and the Hawk Men attack War Rocket Ajax, and Queen plays that huge rock anthem, I get teary eyed because I want to go kick Ming the Merciless’ ass with them!!
  • I am a huge foodie. Don’t believe me? Ask @hurricaneleezy.
  • I wanted to be a chef when I was at school.
  • I’m in the Guinness Book of World Records for most bunny hops in 1 minute.
  • I own every Dew Cup in Vert.
  • I am an avid photographer.
  • I love jumping over teachers at my son’s school.
  • I’m a huge fan of Salt and Vinegar chip sandwiches.

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