15 Things You Didn’t Know About Ed Templeton

1. Ed Templeton has suffered six concussions. Five of those have come since he broke his neck in the summer of ’00. After his last concussion, earlier this year, Ed consulted a specialist to make sure he was not at risk of causing permanent damage. For liability reasons, NHL players are barred from their league after three documented concussions. Ed continues to skate contests without a helmet, although he admits, “I’ve been a lot more cautious. I’m way more of a puss now.”

2. Ed put a down payment on his house with a $50,000 grand prize he received in an Italian art show. Ed got first place for his photo collection, “Teenage Smokers,” after a friend had submitted it without Ed’s knowledge. The photo collection, which has since become a short book, is comprised of photos Ed shot of high school students smoking cigarettes at Huntington Beach skatepark.

3. At the age of 30, Ed has never been in a fight.

4.M At 15, after hearing countless peers gloat about getting high on “grass,” Ed rolled and smoked an entire piece of paper with lawn clippings in it in from his parents’ backyard. Sickened by the noxious fumes, and unimpressed by the results, Ed asked some friends if smoking was always supposed to hurt that bad. Their response: “Yeah, your first cigarette does kind of hurt like that.” As a result, Ed has never smoked anything since.

5. In ’88, as a staunch straightedger, Ed downed an entire 18-ounce bottle of peach schnapps in order to win a bet with Schmitt Stix teammate Hans Lingren. Although he had never consumed alcohol before, Ed claimed he could drink the whole bottle without getting drunk. To the surprise of Hans and some other friends, he proceeded to chug the bottle. To this day, Ed claims he was “just tipsy.” In his words, “All I remember is we laughed a lot.”

6. Ed was once a freestyler. He owned his own freestyle board; would session with other Huntington Beach transplants like Don Brown, Hans Lindgren, and Pierre Andre; and actually won two freestyle events on the C.A.S.L. circuit in the late ’80s. Both Ed and childhood skate buddy Jason Lee would meet up and compare tricks with the freestylers-even after Ed had quit the discipline himself. Many of the tech-flip variations which Ed and Jason applied to their street skating can be traced directly back to their contact with freestyle.

7. Ed met his wife, Deanna, through Mike Vallely’s wife Ann. At 15, Ed ditched school to go to L.A. and see the Red Hot Chili Peppers with Jason Lee, Ann, and Deanna. Deanna was 18 when the two met. She has appeared in a Red Hot Chili Peppers Video, a Dokken video, and a Megadeth video, along with numerous skate video cameos.

8. After 10 years of marriage, Ed and Deanna Templeton are currently “practicing” to have a child.

9. Ed and Jason Lee each became known for pioneering their own adapted freestyle trick on street. Ed is revered for taking ollie impossibles down stairs, while Jason Lee is still the subject of glassy-eyed reminiscence for his 360 flip. According to Ed, however, both he and Jason had each learned the tricks together. “Jason did impossibles, too, and I was doing three flips at the same time. It just kind of ended up that I ran with the impossible and Jason stuck with the three. I totally regret that.”

10. During the late ’90s-following an article Ed wrote for Flynt’s Blunt snowboard magazine that mocked snowboarding, along with an article Ed submitted to Big Brother mocking Germany-a torrent of Ed Templeton hate mail began pouring into both publications. As a result, Big Brother launched the notorious “Ed Haters’ Club”-a monthly column dedicated entirely to printing letters bashing Ed for anything from being “gay” to mocking his skating. Ultimately, as the hostility snowballed and began including explicit death threats and plans to rape his wife, Big Brother axed the column.

11. After the dust settled, one motivated Ed Hater came forward and claimed he had actually written nearly all the letters under different names himself. Those claims were substantiated after the mystery writer disclosed that every fictitious name used had come from characters on the T.V. show “Bonanza.”

12. While Ed is known for his notable sexual perversions, and subsequent explicit artwork, he has, and probably only will have, slept with two girls in his life.

13. Ed recently discovered a devoted fan bought the URL for www.edtempleton.com and had proceeded to upload a number of articles dealing with Ed’s skating and blossoming art career. Curious and flattered, Ed contacted the site owner and offered to send new content to update the site and ultimately buy it. Unfortunately, before Ed could secure a transaction for ownership, a group of hackers kidnapped it and ironically converted it to a foot-fetish porn portal. While some might be dismayed that their online presence consists of a hardcore porn site, Ed doesn’t seem to mind.

14. Ed’s cat, Ptah appeared in New Deal’s Useless Wooden Toys; 411, number 30 for Ed’s Pro-Files; and in Thrasher when Ed broke his neck. The cat has been with the Templetons for 13 years. Unlike Ed, Ptah eats meat.

15. Ed Templeton has never used deodorant, ever.

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