16 Things People Do at the Gym That Drive You Crazy

Main jamie chung

1. Bros checking out their biceps in the mirror.

2. The Grunters. You know who you are.

3. The newbies who have literally NO idea what they’re doing.

4. Guys who swear toe shoes actually work.

5. Chicks who walk in looking like they’re in the Miss America Pageant. Do they even workout? 

6. That one dude who always tries to give you pointers on lifting.

7. When some rando asks you to spot him so he can show off how much he can bench.

8. The guy who works out in jeans and Sperry’s. 

9. Mirror selfies. 

10. The karate kid practicing his form.

11. The Chatty Cathy.

12. Get that stank away from me, sir.

13. The middle-aged guy who promised his wife he’d join a gym.

14. When someone picks the machine right next to you…when there’s 10 other open ones.

15. Obnoxious rep counting. 

16. Machine hogs. 

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