The 2014 Fittest and Fattest Cities in America: the List

Fittest and fattest cities the list

We started with the 50 most populous cities in the nation, then compiled and studied statistics in several health- and fitness-related categories. Among them were air quality, access to healthy foods, general wellbeing, the quality of parks and so-called “urban forests,” as well as bike- and walk-friendliness. We also sorted through data on how active citizens are, from their weight training habits on down to how many are bike commuters, and the effect it has on their body composition—fit, overweight, or plain fat. The fittest in each category was awarded 50 points and, for the most part, the worst was awarded one lowly point (a few categories used weighted averages).

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1) Portland, OR
2) San Francisco, CA
3) Seattle, WA
4) Denver, CO
5) Boston, MA
6) Washington D.C.
7) Minneapolis, MN
8) San Diego, CA
9) Atlanta, GA
10) Oakland, CA
11) San Jose, CA
12) Long Beach, CA
13) Miami, FL
14) Austin, TX
15) Los Angeles, CA
16) Raleigh, NC
17) Chicago, IL
18) Albuquerque, NM
19) New York, NY
20) Sacramento, CA
21) Tucson, AZ
22) Las Vegas, NV
23) Omaha, NE
24) Mesa, AZ
25) Milwaukee, WI
26) Charlotte, NC
27) Phoenix, AZ
28) Colorado Springs, CO
29) Dallas, TX
30) Philadelphia, PA
31) Houston, TX
32) Virginia Beach, VA
33) Fort Worth, TX
34) Kansas City, MO
35) Baltimore, MD
36) San Antonio, TX
37) Fresno, CA
38) Cleveland, OH
39) Tulsa, OK
40) Columbus, OH
41) Wichita, KS
42) Arlington, TX
43) Jacksonville, FL
44) Nashville, TN
45) Oklahoma City, OK
46) Indianapolis, IN
47) Detroit, MI
48) Louisville, KY
49) El Paso, TX
50) Memphis, TN

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