The 3 Best Whitewater-rafting Destinations in the U.S.

1280 3 best whitewater rafting destinations
Darryl Leniuk / Getty Images

If you’re brave enough to hit the rapids and take on whitewater rafting, step one is pretty intuitive: Find whitewater.

There are plenty of places to get your adrenaline fix between late June and September, so we rounded up three of the best in the country.

Colorado River Through Cataract Canyon – Moab, UT

When: late June
A six-day trip through Cataract Canyon starts innocently enough, with miles of SUP-friendly flatwater winding through the cliffs of Canyonlands National Park. But soon enough you hit 25 Class IV/V rapids, including Big Drops 2 and 3—in spring runoff, among North America’s 10 biggest.

White Salmon River – White Salmon, WA

When: July
The White Salmon River flows down from glaciated Mount Adams before crashing through a lush basalt canyon that’s only 30′ wide at points. A ride here includes the 12-foot-tall Husum Falls, and a chance to see new wildlife in a once-dammed area of the river.

Section IV Chattooga River – Mountain Rest, SC

When: September
The Chattooga River is most famous for its cameo as the “Cahulawassee River” in the 1972 hit film Deliverance, but river rats appreciate it for its gorgeous scenery and fierce whitewater, like the legendary Five Falls, which has five Class III/V rapids packed into a quarter-mile.

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