3 daredevils sneak in, illegally climb the Eiffel Tower

Despite the increased security measures in Paris following the November 2015 terror attacks inside the city, a trio of Russian daredevils thought it would be prudent to sneak into and illegally climb the Eiffel Tower earlier this month, capturing their dizzying escapade on video with drone cameras:

In the video above, climbing/adventure enthusiasts Ivan Kuznetsov, Alihan and Ivan Semenov showcase how they snuck into a secluded part of the tower and hid out overnight until the early morning hours to make their way to the outer beams that form the 984-foot tower so as to be able to climb undetected.

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“The guys spent the night hiding in the tower waiting for the best moment to climb to the edge of it. You can actually see them getting caught [by security] in the video, but they still managed to complete the climb,” a spokesperson for Travel Ticker, the travel booking website that sponsored the climb, told the Daily Mail. “It wasn’t too difficult for them as they have experience climbing other structures.”

Despite rainy and foggy conditions making the already dangerous feat even more treacherous, the trio (which pulls these kinds of stunts all the time) was able to scale the Eiffel easily.

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“The whole team behind Travel Ticker are keen travelers and love the thrill of exploring new places,” Eimantas Balciunas, CEO of Travel Ticker, told the Daily Mail, explaining how his company came to fund the trio of climbers. “We wanted to encourage more people to get into traveling and decided to start running a travelers’ support program.”

The three daredevils all posted photos and videos to their Instagram accounts showing off their stunt. A photo shared by Semenov shows just how high up the three climbers really were:

A photo posted by Ivan Semenov (@semenov_id) on

As noted in the video description, climbing the Eiffel Tower like Semenov, Kuznetsov and Alihan did is illegal, and the three are lucky they weren’t arrested for their actions.

Editor’s note: GrindTV does not condone or encourage participation in illegal activities.

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