3 Steps for the Perfect Frisbee Throw

Ultimate Frisbee
Suhaimi Abdullah / Stringer / Getty

Ultimate Frisbee players throw the disc so far and fast. What’s their secret?

Sean H., Austin, TX

There are two parts to tossing the ’bee around: spin and glide, says 10-time world champ “Frisbee Rob” McLeod. “To put spin on a disc so it flies with more control, snap or flick your wrist—good throwers will put a lot of snap on it,” he says. “And to make it glide, put power on it by turning your whole body to accelerate it.”

For shorter throws, use less power but a lot of snap; to throw long, amp up power by turning your body faster. A word of caution, though: “Don’t scream ‘Ultimate!’ every time you make a good throw,” McLeod says.

The ultimate throw

1) Use a “handshake grip”—thumb on top, fingers beneath—so you can balance the disc on your thumb and index finger.

2) Snap your wrist to put spin on the disc and control its flight.

3) Step forward with the same foot as your throwing hand; for power, turn your body quickly as you throw.

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