3 SURFER edits that will get you pumped to surf an old-style board

The old-style revival is a movement in surfing that epitomizes what it means to “ride anything.” From 9’6″ logs with glassed-in fins to 5’9″ single-fin stubbies, it’s all about choosing the right equipment for the day.

These videos below from SURFER are all about the stoke of riding traditional and “alternative” surfcraft. Sit back, relax and relish in the simple styles of some surfing relics … then grab a board and go surf.

Classic longboarding style at Malibu, California

There’s nothing like the ninja prowess of a skilled logger’s footwork on a perfect little waist-high Malibu runner.

This edit by Alex Kilauano features the logging talents of Nathan Strom, Harrison Roach and Kassia Meador shredding the famous LA County right point. You’re going to want to leave your leash at home for this one.

Joel Tudor breaks down his quiver with SURFER

This edit features style icon Joel Tudor as he walks us through his collection of boards. With everything from heavy logs to pintail barrel hounds, Tudor discusses which types of boards he’s into and which types of waves are best for each one.

SURFER checks out some retro boards in “Shed Sessions: Sants Cruz”

In this episode of “Shed Sessions,” SURFER follows Santa Cruz, California, surfers Noah “Waggy” Wegrich and Darshan Gooch as they test out some very interesting and experimental throwback surfboards. They nail some stylish nose-rides, get a couple barrels and even boost a few full rotations. It’s a full-spectrum watch to say the least.

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