30 Lakes in 30 Days | Lake Tahoe | California

Emerald Cove Photo: Sai Srinath
Tahoe’s Emerald Cove features the lake’s only island. And a gorgeous island it is. Photo: Sai Srinath Everett Collection

30 Lakes in 30 Days | Lake Tahoe | California

Few bodies of water in the US, or in the world for that matter, rival the breathtaking beauty of California’s Lake Tahoe, located high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains at an elevation of 6,225 feet, separating California and Nevada with a surface area of roughly 500 square kilometers of pristine paddling territory. The sheer size of the lake affords paddlers their choice of abundant sightseeing destinations accessible from the water. Keys and coves ripe for exploration offer crystal clear waters, with rock outcroppings including the lakes only island, located in Emerald Bay State Park on Tahoe’s North Shore.

The lake is surrounded by a lush amalgam of forestry dominated by a mixed conifer forest White fir, red fir, Jeffery pine and lodgepole pine.  The wildlife seen in and around the lake is unparalleled, featuring mountain dwellers from black bear to coyotes, an array of birds, and in the water, a healthy population of fish, muskrats and other freshwater creatures grace lucky paddlers passing by. And, after the California Department of Fish and Game reintroduced beaver back into the lake some years back, beaver sightings are now common along the lake’s western shore.

While it’s no secret that Tahoe is among the most coveted US paddling destinations, thanks to conservation efforts, it remains pristine and maintains its fresh mountain feel. A substantial paddling community exists there, and rallies together for a variety of events including the lake’s marquee event on the south shore, Race the Lake of the Sky.

But as much as Tahoe is a water lovers destination, the recreational activites on land are equally impressive. In warmer seasons, hiking, mountain biking, wildlife watching and beyond are endless in the massive mountains that tower around its shores. And, of course, wintertime brings some of the most world-class snow in the world. In summation, no matter what time of year you’re planning your vacation, Lake Tahoe has everything you need for a refreshing, relaxing holiday.

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30 Lakes in 30 Days Project:

America is riddled with countless unsung watering holes ideal for your next SUP adventure. To highlight some of our favorite freshwater paddling locales, we’re profiling 30 lakes in 30 days for the entire month of July. We’ll give you the lake’s local rundown, outfitting options in the area and we’ll even tell you where to find the best bite and beer post-paddle. It’s a resource just for you and it’s brought to you by Tahoe SUP.

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