4 Sustainable Mods to Make to Your Vanlife Vehicle

The allure of vanlife is multidimensional. Freedom, independence, connecting with the world around you are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

For those of us that are intrigued by the idea of vanlife, there’s another element that adds to the attraction: sustainability.

Sure, vans traditionally run on gas, but when compared to the energy and power usage that a traditional home uses up, clearly the van comes out on top.

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Vanlife expert Brianna Madia, has made some mods of her own on the van that she, her husband Keith, and their two pups live in full time. They live in a 1990 4WD Ford E350, and have perfected it to fit their off-the-grid lifestyle.

If you like the concept of living vanlife, but want to make an even more significant positive environmental impact, we’re on the same wavelength.

Here are five modifications to help you turn your van into a green machine.

run off solar power

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Brianna and crew installed solar panels and a solar shower on their rig, so they’re always harnessing the power of the sun’s rays.

alternative air conditioning

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The Madias installed a swamp AC cooler in their van, to cut down on emissions and make their ride a little greener.

add insulation

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This may seem like a no-brainer to some, but adding insulation to your van will vastly improve your comfort levels, as well as energy you would be expending keeping your ride comfortable.

Insulation means fewer air leaks, which means a cooler van in the summer, and a warmer van in the winter. There are tons of tutorials out there, but here’s one of our favorites.

diesel conversion kit

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For those of you looking for a bigger project, you may want to consider a diesel conversion kit for your home on wheels. There are plenty of options out there, depending on what you drive, but be warned: this modification is a big investment of time, and money.

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