4 Ways to Get Better at Everything, According to Science

Man Learning Guitar
Jose Luis Carrascosa/Shutterstock

Incorporate some (or all) of the tips to upgrade your lifestyle. It’s never too late to pick up a new hobby…or work your way to electrifying, body-numbing sex.


1. Make smarter decisions

Listen to your “gut”: Very successful high-risk financial traders found they were so attuned to their bodies, they could guess their own heart rate and pick up anxiety signs, like racing heart and breathlessness, with amazing accuracy, according to a University of Cambridge study. 

2. Master a new skill

Once you learn a new skill, hammer it into your skull by reviewing it over and over, even if it feels like overkill—that will reinforce it for the long term, per research from Brown University. But don’t try to learn another new skill without at least a few hours’ break, or you’ll end up sucking at both. 

3. Have hotter sex

It’s not finding your “soul mate” that will score you great sex in a relationship, it’s effort, according to researchers from the University of Toronto. In fact, people who believe there’s a “right person” out there for them aren’t nearly as satisfied with their sex life with a partner as those who believe it’s hard work that does the trick. 

4. Guard your Facebook

There’s a 24% chance someone close to you is hacking your FB page—or soon will, says a survey of 1,308 users in which 1 in 5 copped to snooping, per the University of British Columbia. The reasons vary: GFs do recon, friends prank, and family members are just plain nosy. So sign out—and keep an eye on ‘Gram. 


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