5 Adventurous Things to Do This Summer

5 Adventurous Things to Do This Summer

Ride Sun Valley Bike Festival

June 25–28: Ride Sun Valley Bike Festival​
Sunvalley, ID 

For four days, this mountain biking mecca celebrates knobby tires with—what else?—racing and fun rides. Join the brave souls towing flaming logs behind their bikes in the SheepTown Drag Races, sport a goofy costume for the Downtown Criterium, join locals on nearly daily Stoker rides on the 400-plus miles of single track–surrounding town, and enjoy a cold beer at the end.


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Spring Hits Yellowstone

Mid-June: Spring Hits Yellowstone ​
Yellow Stone National Park, WY 

Time it right this month and you’ll enjoy one of Yellowstone’s most magical and quietest seasons. Spring snowmelt roars over Yellowstone Falls, wildflower blooms carpet the meadows, where knock-kneed baby elk, mountain goats, and buffalo graze beside their mothers, and scenic geysers sizzle and erupt. Take three days this month and visit a national landmark. 


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Summer Death Race

June 26: Summer Death Race 

“Every man dies, but not every man lives” is the motto of the Death Race, the insanely difficult, joyfully sadistic precursor to the popular Spartan Race series. (See page 96 for a guide to obstacle racing.) The 24-plus-hour event has no set time or distance, and past challenges have included 2,500 consecutive burpees, chopping and hauling firewood, and assembling Lego structures. 


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Saint Francis Tulsa Tough Gran Fondo

June 12–14: Saint Francis Tulsa Tough Gran Fondo 
Tulsa, OK 

Sample one of bicycle racing’s hottest scenes during a full weekend of racing in— of all places—Tulsa. Daily criteriums— beginning Friday with twilight crits under the downtown lights—keep the party going, and six fully supported gran fondos roll out Saturday and Sunday, some with a 100-plus-mile taste of the Ozarks-meet-the-plains countryside. 

Salmon on the Copper

All June: Salmon on the Copper 
Copper Center, AK 

The Copper River gets one of Alaska’s earliest, most prolific and—because the fish store extra fat and oils to survive the hard swim—tastiest runs of wild salmon. Starting in mid-May, massive kings weighing 50-plus pounds and millions of crimson red sockeyes swim into the river to spawn. Catch them on the main line, or try the Klutina, a whitewater tributary. 


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