5 amazing waterfalls just off the side of the road

After a big, wet winter in a lot of the country, waterfalls are still raging and will be for a while. And some of the most spectacular (and swimmable) ones are right by the side of the road if you know where to look.

Here are five of our favorite easy-to-access waterfalls.

Multnomah Falls, Oregon

Oregon’s finest. Photo: Mark Basarab/Unsplash
The Columbia River Gorge is filled with roadside waterfalls. Multnomah is the biggest and best known, so it’s a must-see, even though it can get crowded. If throngs of people stress you out, there are plenty of others, like Bridalveil and Horsetail, which are also worth your time, just a short drive away.

Warren Falls, Vermont

Warren Falls, alongside super-scenic Route 100 in Vermont’s Mad River Valley, is a double treat. You can swim below the falls in natural pools and jump off granite ledges of varying heights into the depths.

Firehole Falls, Wyoming

The swimming hole at the base of Firehole Falls is one of only two designated swimming areas in Yellowstone National Park. There are changing rooms and stairs down to the water, where you can enjoy the view of the 40-foot falls, which cuts through 800-foot-thick lava flows.

Dry Falls, North Carolina

Going behind Dry Falls. Photo: Courtesy of Mark Stoffan/Flickr
You can get behind Dry Falls, one of North Carolina’s most beautiful and easiest-to-access waterfalls. A quarter-mile-long trail takes you to a boardwalk behind the water, so you can watch the overhanging 65-foot waterfall from inside.

If that’s not enough, there are plenty of other waterfalls in the neighborhood, including popular Rainbow Falls, which requires a 4-mile hike.

Munising Falls, Michigan

Munising Falls. Photo: Courtesy of Kari/Flickr
One of the easiest-to-reach super-scenic waterfalls, Munising, Michigan’s Munising Falls is within city limits. You can get to the base of the 50-foot-high falls via a short paved trail, then two sets of stairs get you to the top, where you can watch it wash down into a sandstone canyon.

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