5 other drift drivers just as crazy as Ken Block

Ken Block is ubiquitous with drifting. His Gymkhana video series has garnered over 265 million views on the Internet across its 9 installments.

Gymkhana 9 was released earlier this week and features Block taking Buffalo, New York by storm.

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While Ken Block might be the most widely known drift driver on the planet, he is by no means the only one in the world that can drive like he does. On the Formula Drift circuit (essentially the World Surf League’s Championship Tour of drifting), there are a number of the world’s best drift drivers. So here are 5 of the best that can get just as sideways as Ken Block.

1. Chris Forsberg

A two-time Formula Drift champion who is about to claim his third title this year. Chris Forsberg is not only one of the best competitive drivers, but he’s also one of BMW’s go-to stunt drivers.

2. Ryan Tuerck

There might not be a more popular driver in all of the drift world. Ryan Tuerck started out riding dirt bikes and BMX bikes in New Hampshire with his three brothers, and has parlayed that reckless abandon into being a fun-loving drift driver.

He’ll still throw down on a BMX bike when you give him a chance, but the man known for his “Tuerck’d” web series is more comfortable these days hanging out and driving with Ken Block himself.

3. Tanner Foust

You may recognize Tanner Foust as the host of America’s “Top Gear”, but he’s also a two-time Formula Drift champion, a three-time Global Rallycross champ and a four-time X Games gold medalist. Essentially, Foust is one of the most talented stunt drivers (in any form) in the world.

4. Vaughn Gittin Jr.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. is just a good ol’ country boy who loves driving trucks in the dirt. But don’t let that fool you, because he can throw down on asphalt, too. He’s got a Formula Drift title under his belt and is a regular on podiums.

5. Matt Powers

No one has more fun in drifting than Matt Powers — just look at that tuxedo driving suit! The man is a flower child trapped in a driver’s body and isn’t afraid to throw in a 360 mid-drift around a turn.

Chris Forsberg coming out of the mall drift, with Ryan Tuerck following behind. Photo: YouTube
Chris Forsberg coming out of the mall drift, with Ryan Tuerck following behind. Photo: YouTube

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