Five Reasons to Attend the Galapagos SUP Adventure

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Ever seen a blue-footed booby? Snorkeled through a tunnel of lava? Paddled a coastline so raw and untouched that its natural state remains almost identical to what it was at the birth of evolution?

Neither have we.

That’s why SUP Magazine has arranged the Galapagos SUP Adventure, a nine-day luxury standup paddle vacation in the Galapagos Islands coming up November 30 through December 8. Guests of this one-of-a-kind SUP expedition will retrace Darwin’s footsteps, paddle with marine life existing nowhere else in the world and otherwise escape into a land where time, by all appearances, stands virtually still.

Need more incentive to sign up? Here are five reasons from the fine-print on why the Galapagos SUP Adventure is the opportunity of a lifetime.

  1. Paddle into history

SUP Adventure guests will dive straight into the birthplace of evolution, visiting historic sites like Darwin Bay, where the HMS Beagle first made landfall in 1835. The group will explore ancient volcanoes and paddle with species that have existed for eons, as well as check out locations like Muro de las Lagrimas—a wall built by prisoners when the island was a penal colony. In short, guests will experience lessons in both natural and human history throughout their adventure.

  1. Get lost in lava tunnels

Deep in the coastline’s undercarriage on Isabel and Santa Cruz Islands exists a unique maze of lava tubes formed long ago from liquid hot magma. Guests will swim through lava arches and explore vacant tunnels above and below water for an experience unachievable anywhere else in the world. Rumors say that pirates once hid gold stolen from Spanish ships in these caves and channels, so keep an eye out for the loot!

  1. See wildlife like no place else

Nearly 200 years later, wildlife in the Galapagos holds true to the state that Darwin once described as “a little world within itself.” The archipelago hosts guests of the SUP Adventure with an unrivaled array of marine wildlife.

Between encounters with a rare species of giant tortoise (some up to 175 years old) and fishing iguanas, harmless sharks like the hammerhead and black tip, and endemic bird species like the Galapagos penguin and yes, the blue-footed booby, guests will get their fill of nature in its most rugged state.

  1. Turquoise water, white sand

Ecuador’s crowning archipelago lives up to its reputation as one of the most paradisiacal paddling destinations on earth, with countless pristine beaches for guests to explore and relax on during the SUP Adventure. The bays and inlets of San Cristóbal and Isabela islands are wrought with white sand and lined with turquoise water, providing sanctuary for wildlife as well as lounging visitors. Adventure aside, these islands make for one relaxing vacation in paradise.

  1. Southern Explorations is the ultimate local adventure guide.

SUP Magazine couldn’t have dreamed up a better outfit to guide our Galapagos Adventure than Southern Explorations. These local experts are as hospitable as they are equipped and knowledgeable, welcoming guests into their home archipelago to provide the richest and most professional experience possible.

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