5 snowboard brands that hand-make all of their products

From Microsoft to Nirvana, there have been a number of awesome companies, ideas and bands that have started inside of garages. A garage project can be something that makes you a wild success or just gives you space to work on your creative craft; regardless of the outcome, it usually starts with an entrepreneurial spirit and a determination to make something great.

Snowboarding was founded on the ethos of breaking away from the norm and creating something free and radical. With this in mind, we found five awesome snowboard garage brands that will help you kill it when the snow gets steep and deep.

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You can always buy a mass-produced board from your local sporting-goods store, but owning one of these sticks will set your quiver apart.

Spring Break Snowboards

While Capita has started to manufacture Spring Break’s snowboards, the boutique brand’s founder, former pro snowboarder Corey Smith, still handcrafts a number of boards each year. Smith, who is also a renowned visual artist, is gaining a reputation for crafting functional sculptures that are as at home slashing powder as they are hanging above your mid-century modern furniture.

Smith’s amazing handcrafted boards range from $650 to $2,500, so you can still get into one for the same price as a high-end machine-made board.


When you think of a garage brand from Vermont, you might think of some burly bearded craftsman who cares about the environment making wood sticks in his man cave — and you’d be hitting the nail on the head when it comes to PowderJet.

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Founded in 2009 by Jesse Loomis, PowderJet Snowboards has become one of the leaders in the hand- and self-shape movement. Not only will they make you a handcrafted powder slayer, but they will teach you to make your own as well. Having an epic pow day with friends on a board you made yourself … well, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Owner Operator

When it comes to small-batch outerwear, no one is doing it as well as Owner Operator. The newish brand has built a reputation for their durable and stylish American-made gear. Scrappy and transparent, the owners of OO have shared both their triumphs and struggles publicly, which offers consumers and fans a unique look into what it takes to run a small snowboarding business.

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One of the main follies of major outerwear manufacturers is their continued reliance on seasonal trends. Owner Operator sets a new standard by offering timeless styles and handcrafted quality, allowing for customers to wear their pieces indefinitely. They also have a board brand, United Shapes, that will only enhance your snowboard quiver.


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The Pacific Northwest has spawned some of the greatest garage bands in the history of rock ‘n’ roll, so it’s not surprising that there are a number of craftsmen tucked away in their work spaces making awesome skiing and snowboarding equipment.

Founded by creative, skier and ecologist Alex Turner, Westerlies is turning out custom planks of all varieties at an insanely reasonable price. Snowboards start at $599 and custom skis start at $799, so build a quiver that will deliver even in the PNW’s thick and deep concrete powder.

Kindred Snowboards

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It would be shortsighted to not include at least one Canadian brand, as our brothers and sisters to the north are well known for being both excellent craftsmen and absolute powder hounds. Handmade on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Kindred Custom Snowboards offers high-quality snowboards, skis and splitboards that feature cores made from local Douglas fir and yellow cypress.

Not only are these boards durable, but they have pop. Buying a board from Kindred is a great way to support homegrown and handcrafted snowboards.

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