How to Make the Most Out of Motorcycle Camping

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A mainstay in the world of cool, motorcycles are gaining popularity as an effective, quick way to travel.

Where cars would get stuck in traffic, or be unable to traverse the farthest corners of the earth, motorcycles can take you pretty much anywhere and everywhere.

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Here are five tips on how to make motorcycle camping as hassle-free and enjoyable as possible.

Pack Items With Dual Purposes

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When planning a motorcycle camping trip, it’s important to maximize each item packed.

For instance: Why pack a lantern and a portable charging system when you can just take something like a Goal Zero lantern instead? It’s a two-for-one option, and its small size and portability mean you’ll never be without a light.

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Always Plan for Repairs

When you get deep into the mountains, desert, or wherever your moto takes you, it’s important to remember that accidents can always happen.

Having a small tool kit with the basics to get you through a wide variety of repairs is always a smart move.

On the same note, remember to pack a first aid kit as well (for the unexpected repairs on your body).

Lightweight Camping Materials Are a Must

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No one wants to be riding around with a 15-pound tent and a 5-pound sleeping bag on their back (or bike). It’s not good for your precious gas mileage, nor your lower lumbar.

Do your research, and invest in camping materials that will go the long haul without breaking your back.

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Bring a (Real) Map

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We know, we know… You have your portable charger and every other piece of technology under the sun, so there’s no way your phone is going to die.

However, you can’t always rely on a full charge—there are still places on this planet that don’t get service. That being said, keep a paper map with you.

It adds to the old-school allure of your camping trip, and you’ll gain a new skill many don’t know these days.

Bring a Bag to Keep Your Beer Cold

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Whatever you prefer to drink, you’re going to want to keep it frosty after a long day on the bike.

Having a bag that is comfortable to wear and insulated will prevent headaches down the line. (Waterproofing fabrics can’t hurt either.)

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