500-pound mako shark jumping toward boat prompts evasive maneuver

For the fishermen who regularly target sharks, seeing shortfin mako sharks put on an acrobatic show by making continuous leaps out of the water isn’t anything new, but even the skipper on this fishing charter seemed impressed by a recent performance by a mako, shown in the video above.

“Yep, some big boys [are] around right now!!!” Captain Mark Martin of San Diego Saltwater Fly Fishing wrote on Facebook. “Words can’t describe what it is like to see mako sharks of this size come out of the water like they do.”

Three fishermen joined Martin for a half-day charter off San Diego three weeks ago, but the remarkable video just started getting attention from the media over the weekend, including CBS Evening News.

Martin told KGTV San Diego he thought the mako was well over 500 pounds.

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The video started with the splash of the mako shark’s first jump and the fishermen’s delighted reaction over a second jump. The captain wasn’t feeling good about the direction the shark was taking, however. Its jumps kept getting closer to the boat.

“Hold on, hold on, hold on,” the captain can be heard on the video.

The mako shark leaped a third time and splashed down just outside the prop wash of the boat. Martin saw it coming and had put the boat into gear to get out of its way.

The shark’s fourth and fifth jumps were harmlessly off to the side as the boat motored away.

“What did you guys think of that?” the skipper can be heard on the video.

Clearly they were in awe.

The mako shark was on the line for 20 minutes before working itself free, according to KGTV San Diego. But the fishermen probably didn’t care. The show itself was worth it.

Incidentally, shortfin mako sharks are the fastest shark species and their speed helps their leaping ability. The highest recorded jump by one was 30 feet. And they are known to have jumped into boats, which is why the captain made that evasive maneuver.

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