6 fly-fisherwomen to follow on Instagram

fly fisherwomen on Instagram
Angler Maddie Brenneman is one of our six leading ladies on the river. Photo: Courtesy Maddie Brenneman
Give a woman a fish and she’ll eat for a day. Teach a woman to fly-fish and she’ll curate an insanely cool gallery on Instagram — er, at least that’s what we hope will happen.

Here, six of our favorite fly-fishing guides, hobbyists and even the beginners who serve up serious inspiration to get out on the river and toss a few lines.

Maddie Brenneman @maddiebrenneman

Tuco loves Browns too! #flyfishing #heedthecall | photo by @ngkelley #flyfishing_flygirls

A photo posted by Maddie Brenneman (@maddiebrenneman) on

In her words: “Fly fishing guide. Clean rivers and healthy fish.”

In ours: Angler Madeline Brenneman is no stranger to domestic rivers from New Mexico to Colorado, where she spent the summer guiding at a guest ranch. Just don’t expect her to stay in one place for too long; she told GrindTV it’s her dream to “explore the world with fly rod.”

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Kate Taylor @kalamityk8

In her words: “Traveling towards the next fishing or hunting adventure. Patagonia Ambassador, Loop Fly fisherman, Fishpond advocate, and Rising Tools user.”

In ours: One of Patagonia’s small family of fly-fishing ambassadors, Taylor spends each season in a new place—Baja in the spring, Bristol Bay in the summer, winters in the Pacific Northwest—but calls Rockaway Beach in Oregon her home.

On her impressive résumé? Founder and co-owner of Frigate Adventure Travel, head guide at Alaska Sportsman’s Bear Trail Lodge and founder of Rogue Angels, a blog dedicated to the women of fly-fishing.

Meg Haywood-Sullivan @meg_haywoodsullivan

Mornin’ // #outdoorretailer

A photo posted by Meg Haywood Sullivan (@meg_haywoodsullivan) on

In her words: “Photographer. Environmentalist. SF Powered by the sun.”

In ours: When you follow Haywood-Sullivan, you follow her for the adventure as much as the fishing. (Exhibit A: her recent trip to Alaska with famed photographer Chris Burkard.) You’ll have to do a little digging to see evidence of her fly-fishing hobby, but that just offers the opportunity to see shots from her breathtaking portfolio. Win-win.

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Kelly Watters @kellywatters1

It’s the weekend, let’s hang .#trustthewild #livethemountainlife #outdoorwomen

A photo posted by Kelly Watters (@kellywatters1) on

In her words: “Kelly Watters.”

In ours: Kelly Watters is a woman of few words, many fish and big ambitions. She’s the cofounder of Western Rise, a line of fly-fishing and outdoor apparel perfect for long days on the river thanks to quick-dry fabric and waterproof designs. Her feed is a dreamy collection of river adventures, hammock hangs and a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to build a brand from scratch.

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Millie Paini @milliepaini

In her words: “Patagonia Fly Fishing Ambassador. Scientific Anglers Ambassador. Hatch Reels and Winston Rods Pro Staffs. Works at TroutHunt on the Fork.”

In ours: Ever wonder what it might be like to toss a few lines with Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard? Just check out Paini’s Instagram feed. She’s living proof it’s never too late to start — and completely excel at —a new sport: She didn’t discover fly-fishing until her mid-20s.

Jillian Lukiwski @thenoisyplume

In her words: “Canadian in the USA. Independent metalsmith, freelance photographer and writer in the interior West.”

In ours: Lukiwski’s photos are as poetic as, well, her poems. Her dreamy, sunlit perspective on simple, quiet moments from the West — making coffee at camp, a fawn in a meadow, saddling up her horse, catching fish for dinner — will make you want to drop everything and book a ticket somewhere new.

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