6 hilarious action-sports parody Instagram accounts

Action sports and the people who love them can take themselves way too seriously. But between all that sponsor nabbing and #humblebragging, sometimes we just want to double-tap a post that takes us all down a peg or two.

Enter these hilarious no-apologies-given Instagram accounts, where no one is safe from ridicule. From a Lego climber who pulls harder routes than we do to a daily display of kook behavior, here are the Instagrams exploring the extreme humor of extreme sports.


A photo posted by LOL SURF! (@lol_surf) on

Bio: “LOL Surf!”

Let’s just get this out of the way: If the interior beach at the U.S. Open of Surfing were an Instagram account, it would be this one. Only everyone’s in on the inside jokes. Anyone and everyone seem to be the targets here — which makes us wonder who’s running it.


Bio: “A Jerry is an individual who exhibits a true lack of understanding of their sport, or for life in general.”

If you want to see a few well-meaning people narrowly escaping natural selection while strapped into skis and GoPros, Jerry of the Day is the account for you.


A photo posted by Alex Legos (@alex_legos) on

Bio: “Just a little guy who loves climbing.”

Like you needed another reason to regret tossing your old Lego collection: Meet Alex Legos, the yellow-headed climber taking Instagram by storm. He uses chalk, climbs gnarly cracks, drives a dirtbag van, relaxes with yoga and has real-life sponsors. Alex has big ambitions to travel the world, and most recently paid respects to one of his idols: the late Dean Potter.


Bio: “Let’s be real.”

Fashion, lifestyle brands and aspiring models have a long history of degrading all the things we actually like about skateboarding — and now they’re all getting called out for it. Because seriously, they did not skate like that.


Bio: “Kooks encountered on a daily basis, don’t be offended we’re all kooks in our own way.”

The perk of following Kook of the Day’s account is realizing you probably actually looked half decent the first time you went surfing. At least you didn’t slip on some Dockers over your wetsuit, throw your board through the sunroof and go pick up the rest of your quiver at Costco. Right? Riiiight?


Bio: “Photos of assholes taken by anonymous crew & passengers from all over the world. Don’t end up here.”

If you love the outdoors, you’ve probably taken a flight somewhere. If you think the worst part of air travel is having to pay for extra baggage, just be thankful you’ve escaped the despair that comes with sitting next to one of these living nightmares. Screaming children have nothing on those yellow toenails creeping up from behind your armrest. Shudder.

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