6 types of waves you can surf that aren’t in any ocean

People are getting their kicks on all sorts of surf craft and in all sorts of conditions these days. No longer are landlocked places in the world lacking some sort of creation shaped like a wave that people will ride.

So here are 6 types of waves not in any ocean that people are surfing these days, and having a dang good time doing so.

1. Rivers

States like Oregon and Wyoming, and countries like Germany are set up perfect for river surfing. People have been surfing the Eisbach River in Munich since the early 1970s, so there are whole loads of river surfers in Germany who may have never surfed any other type of wave.

2. Lakes

More specifically, the Great Lakes. Crazed men (and even a few women) have been surfing them for decades in the dead of winter, dodging icebergs for the pleasure (or is it pain?) of surfing a few freshwater rollers.

But, the Lakes do have their day and they can hardly be called a novelty wave when they turn on. Alex Gray showed as much recently. And so did Rob Kelly, Ben Graeff and Dane Gudauskas. When pros start traveling to surf there, you know you’ve made it as a surf spot.

3. Texas Tankers

Since “Step Into Liquid” brought this act to light in 2003, the greater surf world has known about the surfers who ride the wake of Texas oil tankers. According to The Encyclopedia of Surfing, tanker surfing began in Texas back in the mid-1960s. And it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

4. Ferry boats

We mentioned Ben Graeff and his exploits to the Great Lakes earlier — there may be no man more dedicated to the pursuit of novelty waves recently. He’s been tackling bay waves, Pennsylvania and even shooting through docks in the bay. This man is committed to the cause.

5. Tidal bores

Tidal bores are a bit tricker to come by. They’re infrequent and the conditions have to be just perfect for them to present themselves. But there are some tidal bores well worth the wait, like the Silver Dragon in the Qiantang River in China that gets quite hollows at times.

6. Artificial waves

The future, or so we’ve been hearing for years now. While wave pools do promise to bring surf-starved locales perfect tubes over and over again, we’re fairly certain no one has quit surfing in the ocean because of them — yet.

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