6 of the most bizarre skateboarding hill bombs

Hill bombs are a long cherished staple within the skateboarding world. They test one’s abilities while also testing their commitment and determination. They can also end pretty disastrously.

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While there are no shortage of legendary and insane hill bombs (as well as slam reels), most of them are fairly cut and dry: skateboarder goes really fast down a paved hill. But there are some other ways to go about it as well, and we came across 6 of the most bizarre hill bombs to take place.

Yes, a handstand hill bomb exists in this list.

1. Escalator

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Why walk down an escalator when you could just skate down it really really fast?

2. Roller skate trucks

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Raven Tershy completely upped the ante with a board that had rollerskates for trucks. He proceeded to hit 43 mph on it as well.

3. Dirt hill

Jason Park may not have landed this one, but he learned the hard way why no one has really ever landed a hill bomb any crazier than this one he attempted.

4. Handstand

Danny Cisneros defies logic with the handstand hill bomb — quite possibly one of the most dangerous hill bombs to ever go down. Proof that dreams do come true.

5. Waterslide

Sure, this one might not fall completely under the “hill bomb” category, as it’s possibly more of a downhill snake run. But this skating down one of the world’s tallest waterslides has got to count for something.

6. Drainage ditch

Bombing a hill with a concrete wall at the very end of it is never the smartest idea. Chris “Ratface” Jatoft pays for his aspirations with this one, but he eventually nails it.

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