8 of the Best Ski Videos to Drool Over This Winter

Winter is in full swing, friends. Lifts are a-turnin’ and the snow is a-fallin’ all over the West. From Montana to Wyoming, Utah to Colorado, California, New Mexico, hell even the East Coast has had powder days. The skiing is just so so so good right now.

And what’s better than a full day spent porpoising through the frosty white depths? Watching pro skiers do it.

Here’s a roundup of ski clips and videos – some old, some new – that’ll cap off your après and get your ready for more.

Greg Stump’s “Blizzard of Aahhhs”

If you haven’t seen this film in its entirety, it needs to get bumped to the top of your cue. But the Rasta Stevie rant on commercialism and keeping Telluride weird is my favorite. Long live Telluride’s oddity and funkiness. Jah!

Angel Collinson in “Paradise Waits”

Angel Collinson is so effin good at skiing. She’s one of my favorite skiers to watch. (The move she pulls off from 50-seconds to the one-minute mark is bonkers.)

Check this segment out, then peruse every clip of hers you can find. Prepare for rug burns on your chin from your jaw repeatedly dropping.

McKenna Peterson’s “Montaña”

Montana has big, bold, beautiful mountains. At least, they used to. But now that MckP has destroyed them with all her mountain crumbling slashes, the state is a field of rubble. MckP has one of the best right-footed slarve turns in the game. (Not sure what I mean? Check out 2:47 and get ready to drool.)

“Originate” With Michelle Parker

Ever wonder how a pro becomes a pro? This mini-series gives a behind-the-curtain look at Michelle Parker’s skiing life. Also, as she is one of the greatest skiers of our generation, it’s a wonderful compilation of Michelle absolutely slaying.

Candide Thovex’s “One Of Those Days”

Really, any and every Candide Thovex clip will make you shake your head and wonder how in the hell he can do the things he does on skis. It’s because he’s an alien. Start with this and then enjoy a deep inerwebz rabbit hole of his videos.

The Garrett Russell Experience, Episode IV

I’m totally biased here because I produced this, but Garrett Russell is a powder skiing warrior poet and Benny Schmitt has one of the prettiest deep snow turns on the planet. Plus, this was filmed in Hokkaido, in January. It is deep, really deep. Enjoy, pals!

Suzy Chaffee’s 1978 Chapstick Commercial

Olympic ski racer turned ski ballet extraordinaire, Suzy Chaffee was a 1970s and 80s ski-lebrity. Truly, she still has a special place in the hearts of today’s ski fanatics. Of course, they know her simply as “Suzy Chapstick.”

Rejoice: Sammy Carlson

Just press play. This is … just … wow.

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