8 Questions with Freya Hoffmeister

Distance is relative. Especially when paddling around continents.
Days keep going by, and Freya Hoffmeister just keeps going. Day in, day out, launching, landing, the miles adding up in a blur.

It’s challenging to even quantify how steadily the German expedition paddling extraordinaire has surpassed 3,000 miles well over 300 on-water days since beginning an audacious multi-segment, multi-year project to sea kayak around the entire North American continent. After leaving Seattle on March 23, 2017, and heading north up the exposed West Coast of Vancouver Island, Hoffmeister ended that initial northern leg near Kodiak, Alaska. She then relaunched last fall from Seattle, and headed south on the Washington coast to Pacific City, Ore. In March 2018, she headed south from Pacific City well into California, but not without another northern summer leg from June to August, rounding the Alaska Peninsula. This October, she returned back to warmer climes, continuing her southern progress down from Central California, first with paddling partner Jaime Sharp and then Lisa Eick.

It’s a lot to keep track of. So rather than try to capture it all, for the brief morning that Hoffmeister passed our Southern California offices by, we asked her a few parting thoughts before she continued her leg south to the coastal wilds of the Baja California Peninsula — how’s it going, what’s it like paddling this expedition with partners, what’s for breakfast, and what really is fueling this bid?

We got enough answers to keep us intrigued in this deceptively epic paddling journey unfolding.

Track Hoffmeister’s progress HERE, as she’s now at Day 322, having paddled half the length of Baja.

Follow Hoffmeister’s updated expedition Google Map HERE.

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The article was originally published on Canoe & Kayak

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