Travel | 800-Mile SUP Expedition on the Danube River

A SUP expedition is one of the best ways to have the adventure of the lifetime. You spend the day touring new cities or shoreline from the water, camp on the beach at night, and then pack your stuff into dry bags before heading back out for another day of exploration. While most folks opt for shorter expeditions, a select few decide to go for trips that last from several weeks to months.

The latter group includes paddler Adam Colton, who recently went on a three-week SUP expedition down the Danube River in Europe. The 808-mile journey took Colton from Ingolstadt, Germany to Belgrade, Serbia and also passed through Austria, Slovakia and Croatia. Along the journey he would sleep on foreign shorelines, meet new friends and experience Europe in a way few people have.

To get a sense of the journey, check out this footage that documents his entire trip. And unlike many travel videos, it shows both the good and bad that comes along with a three-week SUP expedition.

The article was originally published on Standup Paddling

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