A few surfers have had run-ins with the Huntington Beach Pier at the US Open

The Vans U.S. Open of Surfing and the Vans Park Series are in the thick of it right now in Huntington Beach, California. And something that never fails to be an obstacle for the surfers is the large pylons of the Huntington Beach Pier.

It is typical to find surfers aiming to “shoot the pier” in hopes of connecting a wave from the south side of the pier to the north side of the pier. But sometimes, that doesn’t go as planned. Already this week, three surfers have had brief encounters with the concrete structure.

Patrick Gudauskas shooting the HB Pier in 2016. Photo: Courtesy of Sean Rowland/WSL

Earlier in the week women’s Championship Tour surfer Lakey Peterson had a very close run-in with the pier in her round 1 heat. Thankfully, she came away unscathed by utilizing some incredibly quick reflexes.

Brazilian surfer Bino Lopes was not as fortunate as Peterson. Lopes threw a big backside turn very close to the pier and came down hard, being pushed with the whitewater directly into the pylons.

Lopes came out of the water with his face bloody, apparently suffering a broken nose, some lacerations, a snapped board and a possible concussion.

Fellow Brazilian surfer Jadson Andre ended up faring the best so far. Nabbing a rare barrel on the south side of the pier, Andre came flying out with speed and directly shooting the pier to the north side. Andre completed the wave on the north side with a few more turns, garnering one of the better waves of the contest so far.

The action is just getting started in Huntington, and keeping an eye on these scary encounters with the pier will be merely one facet of the week and weekend to come. Stay tuned to all of GrindTV’s social media channels and here on the site, as we’re on the sand providing some insight all week and weekend long.

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