A look back at some of Bam Margera’s best skateboarding footage

Bam Margera may be most known for his life as a star on multiple MTV shows and movies like “Jackass” where stunts and bodily harm were his modus operandi. But he was first and foremost a skateboarder — and a great one at that.

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After a tumultuous few years that saw Margera lose his best friend Ryan Dunn, succumb to alcohol abuse and give up skateboarding for five years, Margera is back in a huge way after new skateboarding footage of him and an interview popped up on the online last week.

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In the interview, Margera confirmed that he’s sober and skating every single day while living in Spain. He’s since been posting loads of photos on Instagram of him tearing it up once again on skateboard.

Wallride teledo, spain.

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With Margera back on the board, focused and sober, we wanted to take a trip down memory lane to reiterate just how influential of a skateboarder he truly has been. So here are some of our favorite edits from years ago, in the hopes that there are some more coming in the near future.

Warning: Some of the following videos contain profane language, obscene behavior and bodily harm. They may be offensive to some viewers.

411 Video Magazine

Remember 411 Video Magazine? They’d come out on VHS tapes and were the first looks at up-and-coming skaters you had heard about or seen in magazines. Well, Margera had lots of parts in them throughout the years.

And this one (issue #7) was the first time anyone outside of the Philadelphia area had really seen the 14-year-old skate … And boy did he skate well.

The CKY videos

These were really Margera’s bread-and-butter with his crew that featured skating, comedy, music and pranks — so, so many pranks.

The start of the “Jackass” revolution began with the CKY videos, but there was also some jaw-dropping skating featured in each of them, as well.

“Jump Off A Building”

Margera’s introduction into the greater skate world, it was an authoritative statement that said he was to be taken seriously as a skater — even if you didn’t take him seriously in any other regard.

It also let people know that he would jump off of anything, anywhere, anytime.

“One Step Beyond”

Back in the heyday of Adio’s popularity (and existence), the skate shoe company helped vault Margera alongside of Tony Hawk.

And from there, Margera continued an ascension with Hawk by being included in his many video games and skate tours.


This was Margera’s first part with skateboard company Element, who he still has a loose relationship with today.

Margera mentioned in his interview with Jenkem that more parts with Element and board releases could be in the works in the future.

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