A sneak peek at the new, shrunk down Airstream Nest trailer

It’s always a bit like Christmas when Airstream announces a new trailer to the lineup. It’s certainly how we felt when they announced the slimmed down Basecamp back in 2016, and it’s how we felt when they announced the Nest earlier last year as well.

The Airstream Nest concept. Photo: Airstream

Recently, Airstream gave a bit of insight into the development of the brand new Nest trailer, which is shrunk down to 16-feet and gives off a very pequeño vibe at only 2,500 pounds. Bringing its classic minimalist design to the table, this time Airstream departs from their typical aluminum look to offer an aerodynamic shell made of fiberglass.

The Nest was originally born out of Nest Caravans, which Airstream purchased in 2016 and has been working tirelessly to develop the Airstream Nest model.

The lighter material fiberglass means that the Nest is going to be much lighter and compact than even the Basecamp. It will be able to be towed by mid-size SUVs and crossovers without jacking up fuel costs or sacrificing driving abilities.

While no pricing has been officially announced by Airstream, some are speculating that it will be in the $30,000 neighborhood — which isn’t much cheaper than the Basecamp’s original base price of $34,900.

The front of the Airstream Nest in development. Photo: Airstream
The rear of the Airstream Nest in development. Photo: Airstream

Regardless, it’s certainly a treat to see a totally new design from Airstream, and one that looks as good as the Nest does. To get a deeper look at what the Airstream Nest could look like, check out the Nest Caravans Facebook page.

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