A ‘Super Blood Wolf Moon’ Will Be Visible This Sunday Night Across the US

According to National Geographic, the only total lunar eclipse for this year (and next year) will take place this Sunday at approximately 7:34 P.M. (PST) … and it also happens to be a super moon. This means that the moon will be 90-percent closer to Earth than it usually is (making it appear 13-percent larger and 16-percent brighter).

Experts are referring to this as a “Super Blood Wolf Moon” and if you can get a glimpse through the clouds, it will surely be a sight to see.

Watch it illuminate the sky in-person this Sunday. Photo: Courtesy of Robert Weidemann/Unsplash

However, this rare occurrence may also lead to what could be some catastrophic natural events. The moon’s forthcoming proximity to the Earth is a recipe for some drastically high tides along the coast. Mix that with the 45-foot wave forecast in San Fransisco, California and there’s certainly some risk. According to SF Gate a high surf advisory is in full effect.

If you plan on being along the coast this weekend just bare in mind that larger waves mixed with abnormally high tides will cover much more sand than normal.

Just proceed with caution and watch from a distance if you are located in Northern California and want to see the action.

Image of Ventura Pier experiencing damage from high tide and high surf during a winter storm in 2015 (with much smaller waves than 45-feet). Be careful out there. Photo: KTLA

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