Actor Chris Hemsworth cried over Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater is no stranger to Hollywood A-listers. He did, after all, date Pamela Anderson at the height of her career.

One surprising friend of his is Australian actor Chris Hemsworth who is perhaps best known for his role as Thor in the movie of the same name and The Avengers.

Hemsworth and Slater are friends now, but in a new video, he speaks about crying one day when he found out his dad surfed with the world champion and Hemsworth missed out because of theater class.

“I just started crying,” Hemsworth said of the moment he found out his dad surfed with Slater during a video he shot for Vanity Fair.

Chris Hemsworth
The short film is called The man who dreams only of Surfing. Photo: Vimeo

He said he and Slater are friends now but admits he hasn’t shared that particular story with him yet.

Hemsworth also talks about the time he surfed with Mick Fanning at his hometown break and Fanning was freaked out because he though it was a bit “sharky.”

The actor is originally from Byron Bay, Australia, and is no stranger to a surfboard.

Fashion photographer Bruce Weber filmed the short clip so there are some inexplicable moments where Hemsworth is just staring off into space or totally surrounded by cats.

SURFER has more.

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