Addicted to Facebook? It Could Be Your Genes

Addicted to Facebook? It Could Be Your Genes

While some people aren’t ready to lump Facebook in with cigarettes and alcohol, new research is helping to make the case that Internet addiction may have a similar biological basis.

By looking at the DNA of men and women who struggle to get through their day without going online, German researchers found that many of them have a genetic mutation known to play a major role in nicotine addition. That is, when people with the mutation smoke, their brain’s reward system is turned on—and scientists say it may work the same way with Internet use.

So how do you know if the web’s just a boredom-buster … or more of a life-sucker? To quickly check your Internet cravings—and find help—visit the Center for Internet Addiction.

Then log off the computer, before reading the rest of MF or checking your Twitter feed. Can you do it? That’s the real test…

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