Adorable baby elephant mock charges tourists to ‘protect’ mom

Tourists on safari in Kruger National Park couldn’t help but laugh hysterically as an adorable baby elephant put on a comical show of force.

The baby elephant was walking alongside its mother and two other adult elephants down a road in the famous park in South Africa, forcing the safari vehicle to drive backwards for more than a half mile.

But the occupants were entertained along the way:

“Oh, he’s a big man,” one tourist can be heard saying in the video as the baby elephant flared its ears and twirled its trunk.

The humorous incident occurred in January, but the video was just posted by Arnold and Maria Jansen on the Kruger National Park YouTube channel. It occurred between the Satara and the Orpen Gate in the late afternoon.

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“This elephant calf decided to ‘protect’ its mom by giving mock charges towards safari tourists,” the Jansens wrote.

They called the baby elephant “cheeky and brave.”

We call it cute and adorable.

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