Alligator attacks man’s truck, rips off bumper

Alligator attacks man's car. Photo: Screen grab
Alligator attacks man’s car. Photo: Screen grab

Keith Carmouche was driving home in some tall grass in Avoyelles Parish of Louisiana on Thursday when he happened upon an alligator. Instead of driving around it, he played a game of chicken and got burned. Big time.

The alligator didn’t flinch. Instead of turning and running as Carmouche’s truck inched forward, the alligator went on the attack:

The alligator ripped off Carmouche’s front bumper, causing about $1,000 worth of damage, according to Jukin Media. Carmouche’s reaction on the video is priceless: “Oh that’s nice. Son of a gun.”

“I honestly thought he would back up and run the other way, when he did the exact opposite,” Carmouche told Jukin.

“Afterwards, I got out of my truck, with the alligator still present, grabbed the bumper pieces, and then left.”

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