Amazing Footage Shows Juvenile Gray Whale Swimming Right Next to Surfers in San Diego

Any time you’re surfing in Southern California, you never know who you might spot in the lineup. An occasional actor, pro athlete, or famed musician never seems too out of place where the surf culture is so ingrained. Every now and again, however, much larger and more unexpected visitors can make a session unforgettable.

As reported by For the Win Outdoors, on Sunday, surfers at the popular Black’s Beach in San Diego got an exciting visit from a curious juvenile gray whale, casually grazing only a few yards from shore. The young whale meanders through the clear, shallow water as the group of surfers paddles around it.

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Daina Buchner captured the amazing drone footage. “As for the surfers’ reactions, most of them looked curious and in disbelief,” Buchner told For The Win Outdoors. “Mostly they were trying to stay out of the whale’s way, but sometimes the whale was obscured by the water and that’s when the surfers were surfing next to it.”

The roughly 20-foot whale appears to have no ill intent and shows a bit of curiosity as it quietly navigates between the group. At the 53-second mark, a wave even crashes directly over it (seemingly unfazed) as surfers traverse left and right on the same wave.

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This remarkable footage comes during the time of year when gray whales make their annual migration from Alaska to the warmer waters off of Baja California to give birth, reports the OC Register. It’s not too uncommon for them to take a mellow breather near shore along the way.

And from the looks of it, this young gray whale picked an epic spot with emerald-green water to take a little SoCal stopover on an arduous journey.

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