An answer to the melted surf wax problem in your car

Sticky, melted surf wax tends to clump up in our cars. Getting stuck in cup holders, upholstery and bags no matter where we keep it.

Like most other Kickstarter campaigns, there may be a solution to this very specific problem. It’s called the Orange Peel, and they claim it’s “the best way to recycle and store your surf wax.”

The Orange Peel comes from creator Nicholas Vacca and his company Peel Surf Co. Based in the muggy, sun-drenched weather of Florida, Vacca has tested many prototypes throughout the years before coming to the final product.

Essentially a three-inch tall flexible, silicon cup, the Orange Peel takes your miscellaneous pieces of wax to create a new bar. It even features a bar in the middle of the bottom of it to create a new bar that can be broken in half (as most wax companies do). The beauty of it is in its simplicity and what seems to be total ability to solve a problem in an easy way.

The Orange Peel and a “new” recycled piece of wax. Photo: Courtesy of Peel Surf Co/Kickstarter

As the Kickstarter campaign says of the Orange Peel:

“It’s designed to fit into your automobile’s cupholder and collect leftover bits, dirty bits or even old bits of wax and turn them into a new bar. The goal of the Orange Peel is to help every surfer make even the smallest impact on the environment and keep their cars from becoming modern art pieces covered in melted wax!”

The Kickstarter campaign runs till May 11, and you can snag yourself an early bird version of the Orange Peel for only $12. Goodbye sticky car carpets and boardshort pockets.

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