And Now Let Us Watch That Hunter Punch a Kangaroo in the Face

This video has been making its way around the internet for the past couple days, so forgive us if you've already seen it, but it seemed like something we should keep around here for posterity. If you don't already know the story: A man on a hunting trip in the Australian outback found that one of his dogs had managed to find itself in the not-so-loving embrace of a kangaroo. So the dude calmly ran over, distracted the kangaroo, and, over the course of a couple seconds so crazy you start to wonder if the footage has been doctored, raises his fists and squares off with the animal like a boxer, and proceeds to land a right hook to the kangaroo's face, causing it to run off into the woods. 


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The footage was captured during a trip this June, when a few friends got together to help fulfill the wish of a 19-year-old named Kailem, who'd been suffering from bone cancer and wanted to hunt a wild boar. Kailem died just last week, shortly after marrying his longtime girlfriend from a hospital bed. 

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