Angry ram attacks cyclist repeatedly in hysterical video

Somewhere in France there is an angry ram that doesn’t like bikes or, for that matter, the people who ride them. Could this be the animal version of road rage? Perhaps.

But for whatever reason, a cyclist and his bicycle became the target of a determined ram that head-butted the man and his bike eight times.

Those witnessing the unusual encounter were overcome by infectious, side-splitting laughter. And, thankfully, it was all caught on video for our entertainment:

The Daily Mail reported on the incident and posted the video, which apparently originated on LiveLeak with not many details.

“You don’t own the road, cyclist,” one LiveLeak commenter wrote, quoting the ram.

“I was having a bad day,” another wrote. “Wanna make something of it?”

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The play-by-play doesn’t do it justice, but for the record, this is how it went down:

First, the ram attacks head-on, striking the front tire. It backs up and rams the tire again. The ram’s next charge misses. The man starts pedaling away and gets rammed in the side of the bike. The ram charges again and strikes the man in the leg. The man gets off his bike and puts it between he and the angry ram, which charges again and strikes the bike. Next, the ram backs up a long ways and charges again, hitting the frame. It repeats the action. Then it backs up even farther and rams the middle of the bike with the man letting it fall to the ground. The man takes off running and the ram chases him. The ram finally stops.

Presumably, the man is still running.

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