Angry sea lion torments crew from ‘Blue Planet II’

The nature documentary series “Blue Planet II” currently airing on the BBC involved collecting more than 6,000 hours of underwater video footage from over 4,000 dives in 39 countries.

But one day after shooting, the production crew captured behind-the-scenes, above-water footage involving a species documented in the series: a sea lion.

It was an angry sea lion that wasn’t about to let the crew pass by, and the result is a hilarious standoff:

“We’re stuck on the dock,” Joe says in the video, which shows the angry sea lion blocking the way. “I don’t think we can get to the car just yet!”

Another crewmember suggests Joe put down the batteries he’s carrying.

“If you raise your hands above your head, you will win,” the man says.

As soon as Joe does so, the sea lion roars its disapproval and advances toward the crew, sending Joe backpedaling.

“I’m not winning, I’m not winning,” Joe retorts.

An angry sea lion blocks the crew of “Blue Planet II” from returning to the car.

Neither the BBC Earth YouTube channel nor “Blue Planet II” officials ever revealed where the incident took place—Monterey, California, perhaps? Or the Galapagos Islands?

Nor did they say how long it took before the sea lion gave up its domination on the dock and returned to the water, finally allowing the crew to return to the car.

All that was missing was narration from Sir David Attenborough.

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