Ask Men’s Fitness: “I’m Thinking of Getting Into Longboarding—it Seems a Little Less Intense Than Skateboarding but Still a Cool Way to Get Around. What Should I Look for in a Good Longboard?”


“You’re going to want something you’re comfortable standing on,” says Rob Reinoso, team manager at Longboard Loft in New York City. “If you have size-12 feet, you don’t want to grab a smaller board. It’s going to feel awkward.”

But more important than anything, perhaps, are the wheels you put on your board.

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“For wheels, I recommend anywhere from a 78a to an 82a,” says Reinoso, referring to the numbers that denote a wheel’s hardness—the higher the number, the harder the wheel. “If you’re on rough pavement, 78a or 82a will give you enough acceleration to cruise over bumps and pebbles and have a smoother ride but not overexert yourself.”

Also: Pay attention to the bushings, the rubber rings that fit around the pins of your board’s trucks (which keep the wheels anchored to the board and allow it to turn). “The harder bushings are for heavier riders,” says Reinoso. So if you’re average weight, go for a hardness of 88–93.

Surf’s up! Or something.

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