The Astronauts Are Happy: First Espresso Machine Gets Sent to Space

The Astronauts Are Happy: First Espresso Machine Gets Sent to Space

While many of us are celebrating the fact that it’s Friday, the astronauts on the International Space Station are celebrating the fact that they now have access to a good cup of coffee. The SpaceX Dragon cargo capsule, containing an espresso machine, called the ISSpresso machine (for International Space Station), groceries, and supplies, was delivered this morning. It was streamed live and the astronauts extended a robotic arm to bring it into the spacecraft. Italian astronaut, Samantha Cristoforetti shared a picture of the package on Twitter and it was re-tweeted by NASA. 

According to NPR, Cristoforetti’s colleague and companion, Luca Parmitano said the only thing he really missed when boarding the spacecraft was espresso. 

So how does the ISSpresso operate? Geoff Brumfiel says, “You put in a pouch of water, add a little capsule of espresso and press the button marked “brew.” The espresso comes out in a second pouch.” The machine was created by engineers from Italy’s aerospace industry in collaboration with the Lavazza coffee company. According to Giuseppe Lavazza, Vice President, the astronauts can expect “a real coffee, that which one drinks in a café. Good, hot, and steaming.” 

The SpaceX Dragon will be sent back to Earth in five weeks with cargo and trash, and perhaps a note reading: “Send more coffee.” 

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