Avalanche flows like a rushing river past skiers in amazing spectacle

A group of backcountry skiers walking down a forest service road in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia discovered a sign that read “Expect the unexpected.” Little did they know how prophetic the message would be.

As they moved along the Valenciennes River Forestry Service Road at an elevation of around 3,200 feet, the skiers heard a loud crack and looked high up on the mountain and saw a rising cloud of snow indicating a huge avalanche.

The skiers had just crossed a gully that appeared to be a former avalanche chute, prompting them to scramble to safety. Then they waited. And waited. And waited.

It took a while but the leading edge of the avalanche finally appeared and began flowing down the gully like a rushing river in what was an amazing spectacle.

Jurek Ziemkiewicz, a Spanish national on vacation in B.C., had been skiing in the Rostrum Valley close to Icefall peak near the Alberta border before the incident occurred last Friday, according to Global News.

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Ziemkiewicz captured captivating video of the entire event, including the aftermath showing remnants of the avalanche down the chute.

“Just last week, former Tofino Sea Kayaking Company guide Jurek Ziemkiewicz was skiing in the Rockies,” the kayak company posted on its Facebook page. “From high above, the crack of an avalanche rang out, and after scrambling back to safety, they witnessed an incredible sight! Crazy…”

Crazy, indeed.

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