Baby elephant discovers birds for the first time


For baby elephants, life is full of surprises and wonderful new discoveries, such as low-flying birds swarming in their midst.

The accompanying footage, captured in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, shows a newborn elephant seemingly unsure of what to make of so many swallows dashing in all directions over a road the young pachyderm is trying to cross.

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Finally, the elephant decides to chase after the birds, playfully, with its trunk swinging and ears flopping.

The scene provides stark contrast to some of the horrific scenes that play out in the African wilderness, such as the poaching of adult elephants and rhinos for their ivory tusks, or the killing of lions merely so their heads can become trophies mounted on walls.

In fact, this delightful video has arrived on the Web as news about the poaching of Cecil, an iconic Zimbabwe lion, is trending like no other wildlife story has trended in months.

In the footage a woman in a vehicle on the road wonders aloud if the elephant might have stepped on its trunk, causing its erratic behavior.

“No, he’s chasing the birds,” another woman says, promoting the response, “Oh I see. I didn’t realize he was chasing the birds … That’s so cute!”

Finally, the elephant lowers its head and trots into the forest, where new discoveries await. Presumably, its mom is somewhere, keeping a close watch.

Reads one comment beneath the video: “Like a child chases butterflies.”

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