Baby penguin freaks out over waves on beach in Falkland Islands

A baby Gentoo penguin was seen on a beach in the Falkland Islands behaving like a baby penguin you might see in an animated Disney movie. Comically, it was freaking out over the incoming waves at Cape Dolphin.

The Falkland Islands is home to up to 120,000 breeding pairs of Gentoo penguins, so the locals are familiar with how they act, and they don’t usually act like this:

As reported by the Daily Mail, videographer Stephen Hope with Falkland Islands Television captured footage of the “hydrophobic” baby penguin.

“I’m no penguinologist, but it looks like that penguin hasn’t stepped foot in the sea before,” FITV station manager Paula Fowmes told Caters News. “It looks like it came as a bit of a shock. It’s certainly something I’ve not seen before.”

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Hope was working on a larger project on Elephant Beach Farm and Cape Dolphin when he caught the baby penguin acting erratically.

Caters News originally reported that the baby penguin was “so shocked by the chilly sea water that it leaps into the air before dashing away as quickly as it can, running to others on the kelp beach.”

We doubt the water was too cold, however, since Gentoo penguins are adapted to harsh, cold climates. But some, apparently, take a little longer adapting to waves crashing on the beach.

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