Bald eagle swoops down and steals fish off fisherman’s boat

It’s not everyday that one gets to see a bald eagle in the wild. And it’s not everyday that one has a bald eagle steal fish from your boat.

But that’s exactly what happened when Ashton Phillips was on a fishing trip last Friday at Rugged Point Lodge in Kyuquot, on the northwest coast of Vancouver Island. And he happened to get the incredibly rare occurrence on video, too.

As Phillips told CTV News, “I saw this one eagle kind of circling and it was along the shoreline, so I took my camera out to snap a picture of it. All of a sudden out of nowhere, it started heading toward the boat.”

Phillips had been cutting up salmon to bait some halibut he was going after, and the cunning eagle saw a free, easy meal.

“I didn’t even realize it was coming for the big chunk of salmon until obviously it snagged it and flew off,” Phillips continued to CTV News. “It was a pretty surreal experience.”

Pretty surreal indeed. And let that be a lesson to anyone leaving salmon out on their outboard motor for birds to snatch up — that is, unless you’re looking for a potential chance at a once-in-a-lifetime experience of seeing a bald eagle steal your bait.

The bald eagle in hot pursuit.

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