BASE Jumper Gabriel Hubert Dies In a Failed Wingsuit Flight

A leading Canadian BASE jumper, Gabriel Hubert died on June 7 in a wingsuit accident.
A leading Canadian BASE jumper, Gabriel Hubert died on June 7 in a wingsuit accident.Courtesy Andrew Evans / YouTube

Well-known Canadian BASE jumper Gabriel Hubert died in a wingsuit flight accident on Sunday in Alberta, where he also resided. Hubert, who was one of the first BASE jumpers to shine an international light on the sport's Canadian scene as part of a 2012 National Geographic story, was considered Edmonton's most prolific BASE jumper. He was jumping Ha Ling Peak, a 7,897-foot crest at the northwestern end of Mount Lawrence Grassi in the Canadian Rockies, when his parachute failed to deploy before he crashed into the trees below.


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Hubert, who primarily BASE jumped, was flying wingsuits with two friends when the accident occurred. In a profile with Vice, published in April, Hubert told writer Mack Lamoureux, "To participate in this activity you have to accept that you might die doing it. You have to love it enough to accept that, I guess." He is unfortunately not the only legend the sport has lost recently. The recent death of Dean Potter shook the adventure-sports community in May when news broke that he had also died in a wingsuit accident. 

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