BBB warns that upstart brand Revision Skis scammed its customers

In 2014, Littleton, Colorado-based upstart ski brand Revision Skis started making some noise in the freeskiing industry. In the two years that followed, the buzz about the company grew as it produced a number of amazing edits, signed some serious pros, like Spencer Milbocker and Sandy Boville, to its team and launched an online crowdfunding campaign promising cheap high-performance skis and an incredibly generous warranty program.

Revision skis better business bureau
Spencer Milbocker (above), one of Revision’s pros, says he hasn’t heard from the brand in months. Photo: Vimeo

However, late last month, the Better Business Bureau issued a warning that Revision Skis was scamming its customers. On Monday, NEWSCHOOLERS published an investigation showing that numerous customers had paid between $300 and $750 in full for Revision skis and never received anything from the company.

What’s worse, NEWSCHOOLERS reports that after some customers attempted to file for a refund through their banks, claiming that Revision had ripped them off, the ski brand challenged the customers’ charge-back fees, preventing the scammed customers from getting refunds.

From the report by NEWSCHOOLERS’ Matt Skral and Adam Spensley:

Despite repeated attempts by NEWSCHOOLERS journalists and countless customers over the last few months, almost no one has succeeded in contacting Revision directly. In the words of Revision pro Spencer Millbocker [sic], even the team were “as much in the dark as anybody else.”

A large stock of Revision Skis, totaling 331 pairs of skis, was recently discovered on, which according to our sources represents approximately a third of Revision’s total production for the year.

When asked about the stock of Revision,’s buyer [said] they “went through a third party company that liquidates inventory for warehouses to purchase these skis … Typically when we make these types of purchases through third parties, it is product that [sic] brand had not paid the production and/or warehousing bills for but we never know the exact circumstance.”

Much of the anger over the failure to deliver skis has been directed at the brand’s founder, Bill Wanrooy (the former founder of defunct ski brand Epic Planks). As NEWSCHOOLERS notes in its report, Wanrooy ignored multiple requests for comment from the publication. It also reports that this isn’t Wanrooy’s first involvement in a ski company that failed to deliver product.

Revision skis better business bureau
The ski company’s crowdfunding campaign and affordable price points had many ski fans salivating. Photo: Fundable

More from NEWSCHOOLERS’ report:

In August 2016, Revision opened pre-orders for the coming season, with skis slated to be delivered around Thanksgiving. It’s unclear exactly how many orders were ultimately fulfilled, but given the growing outrage from customers in our forum, it would appear that very few of them ever received skis.

Among the few who have is European retailer Blind 2, which ordered approximately 100 pairs and finally received their delivery in March. They, unlike many of our members, managed to keep a degree of communication going with Revision through the early part of this year. According to the store manager, Francesco they lost contact several months ago, after making an offer to Wanrooy to take over the brand … Blind 2, like Revision, sold the skis on a pre-order basis, but by the end of 2016 they were forced to start refunding customers who were “fed up with waiting.” By the time the skis were delivered in March, they had refunded all but two remaining faithful skiers.

According to our forum members, direct customers stateside have been less fortunate. This infamous thread details months of frustration, disappointment, and confusion on the part of skiers who participated in the pre-orders. Nearly a year later, many are still without their skis.

To get the full scope on Revision Skis’ operation, take a look at the company’s Better Business Bureau profile and read the full report on the company’s downfall on NEWSCHOOLERS.

Revision skis better business bureau
While some customers received skis from the company, NEWSCHOOLERS reports that far more customers have been left empty handed. Photo: Revision Skis

While the comments from frustrated customers in the NEWSCHOOLERS’ forums are too many to list, the entire situation is perhaps best encapsulated in the report’s closing paragraph:

“We have spent much of the last few months digging into the issue and we have failed to turn up anything that suggests Revision’s disappointed customers should expect any further communication, product or remuneration from Revision Skis,” Spensley wrote. “If that does turn out to be the case, this is the most shocking ski industry scandal any of us at NEWSCHOOLERS have seen in our time.”

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