Be the Smartest (Money) Guy on the Block

Be the Smartest (Money) Guy on the Block

In the Men’s Fitness December issue, financial expert Jack Otter provides smart tactics for playing the investment game. Here, he gives a few more monetary tips – and they don’t cost you a thing.

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Car Security

Before you buy a car, check to see what the bad guys are driving—or more specifically, stealing. The most frequently stolen cars are the Honda Civic and Accord, Ford and Chevy pickups, and the Toyota Camry, in that order, according to insurance site Don’t drive thief-bait.

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This Should Be in Your Wallet

Maybe Capital One really should be in your wallet. According to a recent report of the 25 largest banks by WalletHub, the average checking account contains 30 fees. Your best bets? Capital One 360 and Santander extra20.

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Dodge Taxes (Legally)

It might sound too good to be true, but you really can bypass some taxes. Income from municipal-bond funds is federal-tax free. And thanks to a quirk in their structure, some funds trade at times for less than the value of their holdings. At press time, the Eaton Vance Municipal Income Term Trust (ETX) was selling for 10.4% less than the bonds it held, and paid 4.9% tax-free interest.

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